UBS and Societe Generale must stop financing trade of Amazon crude oil.

Oil spill in Ecuador

Four major European banks have announced that they will no longer finance the trade of Amazon crude oil from Ecuador – a critical step in protecting one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. This is an unbelievable victory for Indigenous communities who’ve been fighting to protect their home from extractive industries and it’s a direct result of people like you taking action as part of the community to protect our forests. 

But there are still laggard banks like, UBS and Societe Generale, who are financing oil trade from the Ecuadorian Amazon to the U.S. Now it’s time to turn up the heat while the world is watching.

Despite the ongoing dangers of oil spills and human rights and environmental violations, European banks UBS and Societe Generale are still financing the trade of Amazon crude oil from Ecuador to the U.S. primarily. These banks continue financing this business while Indigenous federations are calling for an immediate moratorium on the oil trade. 

With continued plans to expand oil drilling, and the ongoing oil spills, we must keep the pressure up and secure commitments from UBS and Societe Generale.

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Urge UBS & Societe Generale to stop financing Amazon crude oil