Tell your MP to protect the oceans from cruise ship pollution

Cruise ship docked in vancouver port

Cruise companies have been treating Canada’s coastline like their own personal toilet bowl. Not only is dumping toxic wastewater perfectly legal here – but Canada’s outdated regulations actually incentivize this.

Transport Canada recently released new measures for improving regulation on greywater and sewage pollution in the ocean. These "measures" aren’t mandatory or enforceable, they serve only as voluntary guidance for cruises.

In addition, the measures only address sewage and greywater by asking ships to voluntarily match the Alaska level of standard for regulations. These measures completely ignore acidic fossil fuel waste from scrubbers, which is over 90% of the volume of those 3 waste streams.

We need to act fast to let our local MPs know these "measures" are inadequate and apply political pressure on Transport Canada to set enforceable regulations that actually address ocean pollution from cruises.

That means urging MPs to champion this issue in their party and push for urgent action to stop the dumping.

Will you write to your MP and tell them that ocean protection matters to you?

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