Tell your MP to protect the oceans from cruise ship pollution

Cruise ship docked in vancouver port

Cruise companies have been treating Canada’s coastline like their own personal toilet bowl. Not only is dumping toxic wastewater perfectly legal here – but Canada’s outdated regulations actually incentivize this.

Our shocking new report reveals that Canada’s regulations on cruise ship pollution lag far behind those in Alaska, Washington, and California – making our oceans the easiest place on the West Coast for ships to dump their dirty waste. The toxic substances in this waste are a major threat to the threatened sea otter populations and critically endangered populations of resident killer whales that live off the coast of British Columbia.

With the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in full swing, cruise ships are gearing up to return to business-as-usual in 2021. We need to act fast to get this report in the hands of local MPs across the country so the federal government makes protecting Canadian waters from this imminent pollution an urgent priority.

That means urging MPs to champion this issue in their party and push for urgent action to stop the dumping.

Will you write to your MP and tell them that ocean protection matters to you?

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