No room for fossil fuels in our closet

coal pollution from coal plants

The UN Environmental Program agency called for rapid and urgent climate action by government and industry to reform our economies and societies to achieve dramatic emissions cuts. The fashion industry, which causes 2- 8% of global emissions, is yet to take responsibility for its massive climate impact and the harms that it is causing.

In's 2023 Fossil Free Fashion Scorecard, more than half of the 43 companies analyzed scored a "D" or lower for their climate action. Some of the companies in the scorecard, household in luxury, LVMH, American staple, Gap Inc., and fast fashion giants, Zara (Inditex) scored between the ranges of D and a D-.

The supply chains of these companies are riddled with fossil fuels from the factories to the materials to the shipping – despite a global call to phase out fossil fuels to tackle the accelarating climate crisis. That's why we're calling on the fashion brands like LVMH, Gap Inc., and Zara to commit to cleaning up their manufacturing and transitioning to renewable energy.

Add your name today to push these companies to be leaders in the fight against climate change by committing to phase out fossil fuels from their supply chains by 2030.

Who will be the first to pledge to go coal-free by 2030?

Urge fashion brands to phase out fossil fuels from their manufacturing by 2030


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