Stop dumping fossil fuel waste in the ocean

Two orca whales and cruise liner are shown on snow mountains background, Alaska, USA

Southern resident killer whales and wild salmon in Canada are being threatened by the dumping of hazardous fossil fuel washwater in the ocean.

This pollution is happening because of a sneaky device called a ‘scrubber,’ which ships use to ‘scrub’ the pollutants from their exhaust plume. This creates toxic washwater that can be up to 125,000 times more acidic than the surface of the ocean, and is highly carcinogenic. Where does this washwater go next? Into the ocean of course!

Thanks to scrubbers – salmon, whales and other marine creatures that call our oceans home are now swimming in these pools of toxic waste. The toxic and carcinogenic substances in this water accumulate over time in the water, they can end up on your plate if you’re eating fish or seafood.

For all these reasons and more, increasing numbers of ports, states, and countries have already banned the use of scrubbers – but Canada is lagging behind.

Will you help show the federal government they must urgently ban scrubbers and stop ships from dumping dirty fossil fuel washwater into our oceans? Sign the petition today.

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