Cancel TMX: Fund clean water and energy

Trans Mountain Pipelines being transported by Rail

The Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline is opposed by millions of people, many Indigenous nations living along the pipeline route, and dozens of municipalities – including the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby. Tens of thousands have demonstrated against the Trans Mountain pipeline, year after year.

If that wasn’t enough, now the Canadian government’s own oil regulator did the math and confirmed that the Trans Mountain pipeline is not only inconsistent with Canada’s climate commitments, but actually completely unnecessary.

The United Nations has also called for governments around the world to slash fossil fuel production by 6% per year to have any hope of keeping their Paris climate commitments. That means no 👏 new 👏 pipeline👏 projects.

With the Keystone XL pipeline now dead, the spotlight has immediately shifted to Trans Mountain. 

There’s still time to cancel this pipeline, and redirect the $10 billion still unspent to clean water and energy instead.

Sign the petition now to cancel Trans Mountain.

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