Sign now: Horgan keep your promise

Logged trees

B.C. was once filled with thousands of kilometers of intact old growth forests, but large, old trees are now found in less than 1% of forests. And they are still mostly open to logging as they teeter on the brink of extinction.

The B.C. NDP recently promised to immediately ban logging of at-risk old growth forests if re-elected, and then they won a majority government. But election promises mean nothing without a detailed plan to make them a reality.

Protecting these endangered, carbon-rich ecosystems impacts us all. That’s why we’re calling on concerned people across the country to call on B.C. Premier John Horgan to keep his election promise.

Sign the petition urging Premier Horgan to act now and ban old growth logging in at-risk areas across B.C.

Tell B.C. Premier John Horgan to protect the last giants