Tell local leaders to phase out fossil fuels and accelerate the clean energy transition

Wind turbines and solar panels agains a backdrop of green hills

Note: This form will only look up local elected officials in the U.S. If you're outside of the U.S. and want to start working on SAFE policies, send us a message at [email protected]

Your community has a chance to be among the first in the world taking action at the scale and urgency required to address the global climate crisis and the neighborhood impacts of fossil fuels β€“ but your local government needs you to give them an extra push. 

Local decision-makers have a responsibility to keep residents healthy and safe. We also need them to take action to keep our global climate safe from fossil fuels. It’s time to ask them to step up their leadership. 

Will you send a message to local lawmakers asking them to pass a resolution to keep your community and the global climate safe from fossil fuel expansion?

Once your community takes this first step, it will be much easier to pass concrete local government policies to block the build-out of new fossil fuel infrastructure, speed up the clean energy transition, and create good-long-term jobs. 

These policies – which we call SAFE policies – can range from mandating all-electric new buildings to saying no to new fossil fuel extraction, storage, refining or export facilities. Or they could include exploring ways to transform the local bus fleet to 100% electric vehicles, or banning new gas stations. Each different SAFE policy that your community passes will get it a new or upgraded badge on our interactive map. 

But this first step is passing a resolution that includes a commitment to phasing out fossil fuels and endorsing the global call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Send your local government officials a message today!

Think that there may already be people working on passing SAFE policies in your own community? Head to the map to see if there's already a group near you.

Ask your local council to keep your community safe from fossil fuels may share your information with trusted local groups in your area working on the transition away from fossil fuels