Sign now: No more LNG or fracking

Aerial view of LNG plant

Despite what the fossil fuel industry would have you believe – LNG (liquefied natural gas) and fracking are two of the fastest growing threats to our climate.

LNG consists mainly of methane, a climate super pollutant, that when leaked during the production process is 86 times worse than carbon dioxide for warming our planet. Building LNG also means more fracking and all the environmental destruction that comes with it. Every year, fracking in British Columbia produces around 390,000 swimming pools worth of contaminated waste water.

Currently there are four proposed LNG terminals in B.C. alone. If all of them go ahead, it will be as bad for the climate as building three new coal fired power plants – and produce more than double the emissions of B.C.’s current oil and gas sector. Simply put, we won’t be able to meet our climate goals if we approve more LNG projects.

The choice is clear. Instead of investing in LNG, the government should put money towards renewable energy.

Sign the petition if you agree, and help end fracking and stop LNG expansion.


Sign Now: Say No to Fracking


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