Tell Canada to stop giving public money to fossil fuel companies

Aerial view of LNG plant

In 2022, the Canadian government gave a whopping $20 billion in subsidies and support to the oil and gas sector – fanning the flames of the mega wildfires that are raging across the country.

Fossil fuel subsidies make it less expensive for industry to pollute, and leave less money for public services like education, health care, and clean drinking water. In some cases, the federal government is using your money to build destructive projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline and the Coastal Gaslink pipeline that are violating Indigenous rights and destroying the climate.

Thanks to public pressure, the federal government already promised to get rid of fossil fuel subsidies in 2023 – but now that it’s time to deliver, it's dragging its feet and creating new subsidies for unproven and ineffective carbon capture technologies.

There’s no time to waste. Sign the petition to tell Chrystia Freeland the Canadian Government to act now and stop financing the climate crisis.


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I urge you to 1) Eliminate all subsidies, public financing, and other fiscal supports provided to the oil and gas sector, including financial support provided through Export Development Canada - without any loopholes. And 2) Reject false solutions to the climate crisis, including carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), fossil hydrogen, and offsets.

Stop fossil fuel subsidies in Canada


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