Tell Canada to stop giving public money to fossil fuel companies

Aerial view of LNG plant

The Canadian government is giving hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to corporate polluters.

That’s on top of the $17.1 billion in taxpayer money they plan to spend building the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline – a highly polluting project being built without consent from Indigenous peoples along the route.

The federal government promised to get rid of fossil fuel subsidies by 2025 – but every year they wait is another giant step backwards. We’re in a climate crisis, and on top of that, communities across Canada are still reeling from the impacts of COVID-19. Instead of lining the pockets of oil and gas executives, that money should be going to things that need funding, like healthcare, education, and climate action.

There’s no time to waste. Sign the petition to tell Trudeau to act now and stop financing the climate crisis.


Stop fossil fuel subsidies in Canada