Sign now: Protect old growth forests from logging

Logged trees

The last giants are falling in British Columbia. Old growth forests, home to tall, ancient trees, are still being commercially logged. Now, less than 1% of forests in B.C. are home to stands of large, old trees.

This destruction affects communities across Canada. Healthy, old growth forests clean the air, shield us from fire and flooding, and store massive amounts of carbon. Once logged, it takes hundreds of years to recover the majority of that stored carbon. Protecting old growth forests is one of the most effective things we can do to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The B.C. government committed during the last election to implement all 14 recommendations from the old growth review panel, and ban logging for the most at-risk old growth forests immediately. But they still haven't followed through, leaving the majority of these forests on the chopping block.

These ancient forests need our protection, before there's nothing left.

Sign the petition urging the B.C. government to act now to ban logging for the most at-risk old growth forests.

Help protect old growth forests in B.C.


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