Get the insurance industry out of the tar sands

Boots standing on top of an oil slick

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All tar sands projects and pipelines need one thing: insurance coverage.

With your help, we can ramp up our work to get insurance companies to drop projects like Trans Mountain, and stop insuring the whole tar sands sector.

As a result of public pressure, eight insurance companies have already decided to stop insuring the tar sands. With the resources to reach even more people with this campaign, run targeted ads directed at major insurance companies, and do creative protests – we can get the whole industry to drop the tar sands.

But first, let’s stop Trans Mountain. Together we can make sure that no new tar sands mines, pipelines, or refineries will ever be built. 

Will you chip in today?

These are unprecedented times. At, we’re supporting efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep people around the world safe and healthy, while making sure that big polluters don’t use this moment to push through bailouts that line their own pockets & weaken environmental regulations. Read our full statement on COVID-19 here.

Help un-insure Trans Mountain

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