Urge CDC to extend the No Sail Order

World Oceans Day - Say No to Carnival's pollution

The cruise industry plans to start sailing in North America again by the end of September. That means cruise ships will be out spewing deadly pollution, dumping untreated waste, and risking the health of its passengers, crew, communities and the environment once again.

The CDC must extend the No Sail Order until cruise ship companies demonstrate their obligation to protect public health and the environment by publicly committing to address their negative impacts on passengers, crew, communities, and the climate. This includes – but is not limited to - achieving zero emissions by 2050, immediately switching to the cleanest fuels available, ending the dumping of untreated or poorly treated waste in our oceans, and publicly reporting on their performance. Because without these changes, there is no guarantee for the safety of passengers – especially given the link between climate change and the increased risk of pandemics. 

For decades, cruise companies’ have made irresponsible choices that put profit before people and the planet. Their presence has harmed the cultural and economy of local communities. They have flagrantly violated environmental laws. Most recently, they played a prominent role in spreading COVID-19. That’s why we are calling for further delaying the restarting of cruise ships.

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To the CDC: Extend the No Sail Order