Email the Canadian government: Stop letting ships dump waste in our oceans

Cruise ships are using B.C.’s coast as their own personal toilet bowl.

In 2020, cruise ships would have generated and then dumped 32 billion litres of harmful waste in Canadian waters. Yep, during a typical cruise season, at-risk populations of killer whales and sea otters, and other sea creatures like salmon, herring, and clams – are literally swimming in human filth.

How are they getting away with this? Canada has no laws in place to stop them.

By updating our weak regulations and closing loopholes around cruise ship pollution in advance of the next cruise season, the Canadian government could protect our oceans and marine species from the huge threats posed by the toxic substances in cruise ship wastewater.

We can’t allow cruise companies to continue polluting our oceans with no consequences.

Email the Minister of Fisheries and Minister of Transport right now, and call on them to protect our oceans from cruise ship pollution.

Tell ministers to protect Canadian coasts from cruise ship pollution


We’ve drafted a sample letter below, but your message will have far greater impact if you use your own words. Do you live near a coastline? Why are you passionate about protecting our oceans? What changes have you noticed this year without cruise ships?

The Honourable
Jordan MP
Liberal Party of Canada
The Honourable
Alghabra MP
Liberal Party of Canada