Sign the petition for a sustainable recovery

Climate action

Canada’s federal government is already working on its next stimulus package to boost the economy in the wake of COVID-19. We must act fast to ensure this funding won’t simply line the pockets of Big Oil CEOs – but is instead used for rebuilding a more fair, and truly sustainable economy.

What the government does in this moment will shape our country for decades to come.

Will you add your name to the petition and call for investment in a sustainable recovery from COVID-19?

What does a sustainable recovery look like?

  • No more corporate giveaways, period.
  • Especially no more taxpayer dollars going to share buybacks or executive pay packages for Big Oil CEOs.
  • Prioritizing investment in renewable energy projects, with specific support for Indigenous-led projects.
  • The electrification of our economy, with electricity coming from clean energy.
  • Subsidies to improve energy efficiency in our homes and communities.
  • More affordable housing with a net-zero carbon footprint All First Nations communities have access to clean water and electricity immediately.
  • Support for local food security and, more community-owned agriculture.

Call on Trudeau and Cabinet to invest in a sustainable recovery