Help protect the uncontacted peoples of the Amazon from COVID!

Uncontacted isolated people of the Amazon

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The fate of isolated and uncontacted indigenous peoples in Peru hangs in the balance.

Uncontacted indigenous peoples are the most vulnerable on the planet. It is estimated that in the Peruvian Amazon Sacred Headwaters there are at least 20 groups of Indigenous Peoples in a situation of Isolation and Initial Contact  known as the PIACI.

As COVID-19 ravages Peru, their lack of immunity to global diseases and lack of access to modern healthcare puts them at high risk of extinction.

The only way to protect them is to secure the approval of the Peruvian Congress to amend Law 28736, which would guarantee these uncontacted peoples:

  1. The right to self-determination,
  2. To remain in isolation and, above all,
  3. To the legal protection of their territories from the extractive industries like oil, mining, industrial agriculture, etc.

Right now, Peruvian congress members are preparing to debate about the future of the PIACI.

Please join a global community to demand that the Peruvian legislature urgently approve the modification of the Law that guarantees the life and rights of uncontacted peoples!


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