Pass a green recovery in the U.S.

wind turbines against a sunrise

We have the tools and the ability to combat COVID-19 and the climate crisis at the same time. The question is: do we have the will?

Join us in calling on Congressional leaders to pass a green recovery that will reduce air pollution which exacerbates COVID-19, lower carbon emissions that are heating our planet, and employ tens of millions of people in the United States.

Here’s what we’re demanding:

  • An end to fossil fuel expansion
  • A rapid expansion and unionization of clean energy generation work
  • An end to all fossil fuel subsidies with the funds being redirected to cleaning up old wells and providing other green energy opportunities for workers
  • Offering incentives (via grants or tax credits) to spur investment in green spaces and prioritizing these to tribes and low income communities.
  • Providing just transition benefits for all workers in fossil fuel industries, including five years of wage replacement for displaced workers, housing assistance, job training opportunities, health insurance coverage, pension support, and priority job placement for displaced workers. Providing early retirement support where appropriate.

A full breakdown of our demands for a green recovery that would clean our country’s air, reinvigorate our economy, and give us a massive boost in the climate fight is available here in a letter that’s been endorsed by hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals.

Support a green recovery