Canada must stop letting ships dump dirty waste in the ocean

Two orca whales and cruise liner are shown on snow mountains background, Alaska, USA

Canada is letting ships treat the ocean as their personal dumping grounds.

On any given month during the cruise season, 100,000 people are travelling on cruises up and down BC’s coast through the iconic Great Bear Sea. Those cruise ships are generating enough sewage to fill an olympic swimming pool every single day, and then some. The worst part? That poop water is legally allowed to be dumped off the coast.

Sewage isn't the only thing being dumped in our oceans. A report by the World Wildlife Fund revealed that over a year, 1.5 billion litres of greywater was dumped off BC’s coast in 2017. That’s the equivalent of more than 600 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Dirty greywater and sewage can lead to dead zones for marine life, and can even suffocate fish whose gills get coated with the oil and grease it contains.

How are ships getting away with this? Canada has no laws in place to stop them.

Sign the petition calling on the Canadian government to stop the dumping of dirty waste and get serious about protecting our oceans.

Protect the oceans from cruise ship pollution!