Tell cruise companies: No return to pollution as usual!

World Oceans Day - Say No to Carnival's pollution

The COVID-19 crisis has thrust the cruise industry into the spotlight for knowingly putting public health at risk, long after the warning signs were clear.

But this isn’t the first time the cruise industry has put profits before people. Over the years, cruise companies like Carnival have polluted our air, water, and climate, illegally dumped waste, plastic and oil into our oceans, avoided paying almost all U.S. taxes, and sidestepped U.S. environmental and labor regulations. They have repeatedly made choices that put the health of passengers, crew, port communities, and the planet at risk.

Before cruise ships return to our oceans, we’re calling on cruise majors not to return to pollution as usual, but instead commit to protecting the health of its customers, our communities, and the planet.

This means stopping the pollution of our air and climate by committing to achieving zero emissions by 2050, immediately switching to the cleanest fuels available, ending the dumping of untreated or poorly treated waste in our oceans, and publicly reporting on their performance.

Sign the petition calling on cruise majors to clean up their act.


Demand cruise companies switch to the cleanest fuels available and end their dumping of untreated waste in our oceans.