Call on suppliers to produce recycled fiber TP

Sign the petition to urge TP producers to make toilet paper from recycled fiber and tree plantations instead of critical forests.

Demand for at-home toilet paper is through the roof, and manufacturers are struggling to keep up.

As production of TP kicks into high gear, suppliers are cutting down millions of trees for virgin fiber, when they should be integrating more recycled fiber. Companies like Procter & Gamble, a leading tissue paper producer in the US, are making a huge profit during this time while destroying intact forests for toilet paper.

Other tissue giants like Kimberly Clark, Georgia-Pacific, and Great Lakes Tissue also produce commercial toilet paper – some of which uses recycled fiber. We need to push these companies, and Procter & Gamble (who refuses to use recycled fiber in its TP) to transition to making at least 50% recycled fiber at-home tissue products so that we’re not flushing our forests down the toilet.

Add your voice to the chorus calling for the industry to shift to recycled fiber toilet paper that doesn't destroy critical forests.

Sign here and tell TP giants to produce recycled toilet paper.