Stop Trump and keep tar sands out of SF Bay

Boots standing in an oil spill

We can't just fight tar sands oil at the source – we also need to ensure that we shut down potential markets for this toxic, dangerous crude.

That's why we can't allow the federal government’s Army Corps of Engineers follow through with Donald Trump and Big Oil's plan to dredge the San Francisco Bay. Tearing up the bottom of the bay with destructive equipment won’t just damage its fragile ecosystem: it will also allow refineries in the East Bay to take in even larger shipments of heavier, more toxic crude, such as tar sands. This will have horrific impacts on both frontline communities and the global climate and must be prevented.

Stand with frontline communities and for a safe climate future: sign the petition to Trump and the US government's Army Corps of Engineers and let them know there is international opposition to this project!

To: Donald Trump and the Army Corps of Engineers

The world is facing a climate crisis, and frontline communities in the Bay are already suffering from the health impacts of the oil refineries near their homes. Building a pathway for more fossil fuel projects is wrong, and we, the undersigned, won’t stand for it.

At a time when we need to be phasing out fossil fuel production, this plan encourages just the opposite. It gifts four oil refineries with a nearly $15 million annual subsidy, pumps up the production of petroleum products, multiplies the risk of oil spills in our waters, threatens marine life, and increases greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution along the refinery corridor.

Please rescind this harmful proposal.

Tell Trump and the Army Corps of Engineers: No dredging and no tar sands in SF Bay!