Leave your message: we need a total ban on HFO in the Arctic

Support an immediate HFO ban in the Arctic Canadian

Many ships in the Arctic are currently using the dirtiest fuel on the market: heavy fuel oil (HFO), and shipping traffic is only going to increase as the Arctic melts due to climate change.

Countries are currently discussing new laws to ban HFO in the Arctic – but all they’ve come up with is a plan with so many waivers and exemptions that the majority of HFO being used will still be permitted in the Arctic until 2029.

We needed a ban on HFO in the Arctic yesterday, we can't wait for another decade!

Will you leave a short message to show your support for this urgent ban, which we’ll display outside the next international meeting on this issue in October?

An HFO spill in the Arctic would be catastrophic for marine life, local economies, Indigenous communities and the planet. When burned, HFO produces high levels of toxins and other climate-disrupting pollution, such as black carbon – a harmful air pollutant that accelerates climate change. The time to act is now.

Hint: Your message doesn’t need to be long or complicated! Just one sentence stating why you think it’s important to protect the Arctic, our health, and our climate from the harms of HFO will be more than enough.

Leave a message in support of a total ban on HFO in the Arctic