No more public money for Trans Mountain

Trans Mountain pipeline protest in Vancouver, Feb 2019.

Ever since Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan, taxpayers have been on the hook for its multi-billion dollar construction price.

This price has continued to rise, now reaching a whopping $16 billion. At a time when we need to be investing in a rapid transition to a sustainable economy, this pipeline has become Canada’s largest fossil fuel subsidy.

With new polling showing public support for the pipeline plummeting, and global investors walking away from fossil fuel projects faster than you can say the words ‘climate change’ – politicians are particularly vulnerable to further pressure.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau will soon have to borrow more public money to give to Trans Mountain and bail out this dead-end pipeline. And it’s up to us to stop him.

Now is the time to email Morneau and tell him not to approve any more loans for the money-sucking Trans Mountain pipeline.

Tell Finance Minister Morneau: Not one more dollar for Trans Mountain


Your letter to the Finance Minister will be more effective if you personalize it! The most impactful letters include details about why you care personally about stopping the Trans Mountain pipeline, or how you'll be impacted by this decision.

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