Sign the petition to ban dirty ship fuels in the Arctic

Support an immediate HFO ban in the Arctic Canadian

Ships in the Arctic are currently using the dirtiest fuel on the market: Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

But an HFO spill in the Arctic would be catastrophic for marine life, local economies, Indigenous communities and the planet. And when burned, HFO produces high levels of toxins such as black carbon – a harmful air pollutant that accelerates climate change.

HFO use has been banned in the Antarctic since 2011, so why are ships still using it in the Arctic?

The Canadian government has recently announced their support for a proposed international ban on the use of HFO in the Arctic...with a several year delay. If we don’t act now, this fuel will continue to threaten the Arctic, putting communities, livelihoods, and wildlife at risk.

Sign the petition to urge the Canadian government to step up their commitment and support an immediate HFO ban in the Arctic.

Canadian Government: Support an immediate HFO ban in the Arctic