Jaguar cub on a tree - Amazon sacred headwaters

The Sacred Amazon Headwaters, its people, and its fauna need your support. In 2020, is commited to working with leaders from Indigenous nations in the region such as the Achuar, Shuar, and Kichwa nations (Ecuador) and Shipibo and Wampis Nations (Peru) to stop the fragmentation and exploitation of this land by oil companies and and other extractive industries. We need your support to:

  1. Investigate and uncover which companies, countries and brands are buying oil from these sacred lands.
  2. Advertise and promote global online petitions pressuring governments and corporations to stay away from these sacred lands.
  3. Influence governments and international bodies to push for a moratorium on further expansion in the Headwaters.

Together we can stand in solidarity with our Indigenous allies and help them protect the Amazon Sacred Headwaters.


These are unprecedented times. At, we’re supporting efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep people around the world safe and healthy, while making sure that big polluters don’t use this moment to push through bailouts that line their own pockets & weaken environmental regulations. Read our full statement on COVID-19 here.

Support the Amazon Sacred Headwaters

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