Canadian government: Ban the scrubber loophole

Carnival ship in Juneau, Alaska

In the biggest shake-up the oil and shipping industry has seen for decades, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has just brought into effect a new law designed to significantly reduce the pollution produced by the world’s ships.

This should be cause for celebration, but by installing ‘scrubbers’ (a sneaky mechanism to ‘clean’ the ship exhaust and dump the pollution into the ocean instead), ships are still allowed to continue using highly polluting heavy fuel oil instead of switching to cleaner options.

This loophole must be closed immediately.

Ports, states, and countries around the world have the power to close this loophole themselves by banning scrubber wastewater dumping, and many have already done so. But so far BC and Canada have done nothing.

Write to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Minister of Transport to demand they  protect our environment and communities from shipping pollution. They must ban emissions-cheating scrubbers immediately. 

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We have provided a sample message below, but your letter will be much more powerful if you use your own words and highlight your personal experience. Do you live near a coastline? How will your health, wellbeing, or the places you love be impacted if the loophole isn’t closed and big polluters aren’t held accountable?

The Honourable
Jordan MP
Liberal Party of Canada
The Honourable
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Liberal Party of Canada