Stop dredging in San Francisco Bay!

A box with 20,000 signatures in opposition to the SF Bay dredging projects sits on a table at a public hearing

With much of the country shut down to slow the spread of COVID-19, Donald Trump and his polluting agenda are still moving forward at full speed.​

In March, the federal government's Army Corps of Engineers released an environmental impact statement, signaling its intent to continue with their dangerous dredging project in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, we only have days left to submit comments stating our opposition. 

Make no mistake, this project will be a disaster for the Bay and the climate. It gifts four oil refineries with a nearly $57 million subsidy, pumps up the production of petroleum products, multiplies the risk of oil spills in our waters, threatens marine and human life, and increases greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution along the refinery corridor. 

We need you to submit a public comment ASAP to protect San Francisco Bay from becoming the supertanker highway of the Pacific and prevent increased refining in the Bay. Just last year, we had 10 whales die in SF Bay from ship strikes and malnutrition, and already communities around refineries are suffering from dangerously high levels of air pollution.

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