Pledge in solidarity with the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative

Indigenous federations from the region and their allies - including - are calling for permanent protections for Indigenous rights and territories and an end to the expansion of new oil, mining, and other extractive activities.

Please pledge your support for this global declaration.

I PLEDGE my support and solidarity for protecting the “Amazon Sacred Headwaters,” as my very survival is directly linked to the survival of the Amazon rainforest which is under constant and unprecedented attack.

I EXPRESS my support for the vision of “Amazon Sacred Headwaters: Territories for Life”, which is rooted in indigenous cosmology and seeks in its initial phase to permanently protect 74 million acres (30 million hectares) of tropical rainforests, which is in large part the ancestral territory of more than 20 indigenous nationalities and peoples in the headwaters of the Napo, Pastaza, and Marañon river basins.

I CALL on the governments of Ecuador and Peru, and on the corporations and financial institutions to respect indigenous rights and territories and stop the expansion of new oil, gas, mining, industrial agriculture, cattle ranching, mega-infrastructure projects and roads in the Sacred Headwaters. The destructive legacy of this model of “development” has been major deforestation, forest degradation, contamination, and biodiversity loss, decimating Indigenous populations and causing human rights abuses.

I CHALLENGE the mistaken worldview that sees the Amazon as a resource-rich region where raw materials are extracted in pursuit of economic growth and industrial development. I call for the global recognition of the Amazon Rainforest as a vital organ of the Biosphere. The ongoing industrial onslaught is pushing the Amazon to a tipping point of ecological unraveling. It is urgent that the global community join forces to prevent further harm and to support a just transition that respects indigenous rights and prioritizes protection of forests and climate.

For future generations, I PLEDGE.