Don't allow polluters into National Parks

It's amazing what $250 can get you these days: The deluxe spa package. A license to pollute and contaminate pristine glacial waters in a National Park. The latest Nintendo gaming system. An all-day outing at – wait, hold up. What was that about polluting a national park?

If you did a double-take when we said that, you're not alone. When a Holland America cruise ship illegally dumped tens of thousands of gallons of untreated gray water into Glacier Bay National Park, the National Park Service (NPS) refused to hold the company accountable. Instead, they fined the multi-billion dollar cruise company a measly $250. Seriously.

NPS is about to renew its 10-year contracts with multiple Carnival Corporation brands (including the Holland America Line). Congress has the authority to deny the NPS contract, ensuring that this criminal polluter stays out of Glacier Bay.

These contracts are currently under Congressional review – and there are only 60 days from when it was submitted for Congress to intervene. Which means we have to act quickly.

Will you send a message to your Representative, asking for a Congress to deny Carnival Corporation’s contract with Glacier Bay?

Congress: Deny Carnival Corp's permits to Glacier Bay


Your message will have more impact if you personalize this letter. Have you been to Glacier Bay? Do you have a special connection to National Parks? Tell your Representative that polluters in these protected areas are unacceptable.