Tell the Whatcom County Planning Commission to protect Cherry Point

Residents speak before the Whatcom County Council


Whatcom County is poised to take another step to protect our community from the risk of fossil fuel expansion projects. For years, local residents,, and many partners worked together to face the threat of growing fossil fuel industry and exports through our community. We've fought coal trains, oil trains, propane trains, tar sands shipping, fracked gas pipelines, and more.

Together, we've raised our voices about the dangers of these projects, and the County Council responded. First they passed a temporary moratorium on unrefined fossil fuel transport projects, and now they are advancing permanent code changes that will make projects like coal terminals and crude oil export impossible. 

The draft ordinance they have passed is really good. The next step is a technical reviewed by the Planning Commission, and we need to make sure that the changes we have worked so hard to get are protected.

We know the fossil fuel industry is going to push for changes that will weaken the policy and could defeat everything we’ve worked so hard for. They have fought us every step of the way because they know that if we prove that it works here, these ideas will spread to other communities like ours.

Will you send a message right now to ask the Planning Commission to pass strong protections for Cherry Point?

Tell the Whatcom County Planning Commission to protect Cherry Point


Your message is more effective if it's been personalized by you. The most impactful letters include details about your life, why you care personally, or how you and your community will be impacted by this decision about the future of Cherry Point.

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