Tell Trudeau: No pipelines in a Climate Emergency

Pipe for the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker project stored in Northern BC.
<p><strong>This is what climate denial looks like.</strong>&nbsp;How does a government-run regulatory body admit that a project would be terribly damaging to the environment, then go ahead and approve the pipeline anyway? The National Energy Board and Trudeau's cabinet ministers \ are ignoring their responsibilities.</p>

<p>This isn't a new thing. This climate inquiry was the same kind that the NEB required for the Energy East pipeline. <strong>Why is a full climate assessment needed for some pipelines, but not others? Why is the National Energy Board supporting pipelines, not regulating them?</strong></p>

<p>Trudeau and his cabinet ministers are responsible for the National Energy Board.&nbsp;<strong>Tell Justin Trudeau and his cabinet ministers to denying Trans Mountain's full&nbsp;effect&nbsp;on climate change. Send a letter now.</strong></p>

Trudeau wants to move forward with the Trans Mountain Pipeline, despite declaring a climate emergency. But Trudeau has just been re-elected on a mandate for strong climate action, and he needs to understand the groundswell of opposition that remains to this toxic tar sands project. Use this form to send a personalized letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and make your voice heard. 

You can use the talking points we've included as a starting point, but please put things into your own words as much as possible – personal emails are so much more powerful than form letters. 

Trans Mountain would grow climate emissions from the tar sands at a time when we desperately need to be cutting our climate pollution. The United Nations has told us we have just 11 years to cut our climate pollution by 50% if want even a chance to avoid a climate catastrophe. 

Now is the time to act. Let Trudeau know that he must say no to this pipeline if he wants to be seen as a climate leader.

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To maximize your effectiveness, use your own words as much as you can.

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