Stop Trans Mountain and protect the West Coast from tar sands tankers

Boots standing on top of an oil slick

Help us stop the Trans Mountain pipeline project and prevent the number of tar sands oil tankers on the West Coast from increasing.

If this pipeline goes ahead, it would be a disaster for the climate, endangered sea otters and Southern Resident orcas, Indigenous rights, and local communities.

Together with allies and by following Indigenous leadership, has helped stop over 20 pipeline and oil train projects, including Trans Mountain (twice!).

Your donation will make sure that frontline resistance is well supported, trained and resourced – and this groundswell of unwavering opposition is felt by decision-makers on both sides of the border.

These are unprecedented times. At, we’re supporting efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep people around the world safe and healthy, while making sure that big polluters don’t use this moment to push through bailouts that line their own pockets & weaken environmental regulations. Read our full statement on COVID-19 here.

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