Tell Carnival to stop using heavy fuel oil!

Take the Clean Cruising Pledge today and let Carnival know that its actions will impact its bottom line.

Carnival – which bills itself as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line” – powers its ships with one of the dirtiest fossil fuels that exists: heavy fuel oil (HFO). It does this because heavy fuel oil can be bought at rock bottom prices. But when burned, heavy fuel oil releases greenhouse gases and other dangerous pollutants like sulfur dioxide, along with soot (also called black carbon).

In places like the Arctic and sub-Arctic, this soot settles on sea ice, rapidly accelerating its melting. Sea ice loss is devastating for Arctic wildlife and is having a heavy impact on Arctic communities.

Not only does the Carnival’s use of heavy fuel oil increase global climate change, the risk of oil spills poses a major threat to wildlife and coastal communities that depend on the sea’s resources. Worse still: heavy fuel oil is virtually impossible to clean-up, particularly in cold and remote Arctic waters.