Join the rEVolution - Electric vehicles in your community

Clean air. A stable climate. Cheap transportation.

All those things and more are within our reach if we can successfully transition our cars and trucks to run on electricity instead of gasoline. But with a president who believes coal is superior to renewables, climate change is hoax, and Big Oil is our friend, the best way to reach that future is by convincing local governments to adopt electric vehicles (EV) fleets and make their communities more EV friendly.

That’s why we’re introducing a hyperlocal, grassroots program to bring about the electric vehicle revolution (the rEVolution, if you will).

Here’s how it will work:

Step 1: Smart and environmentally conscious community members (that’s you!) will sign this petition to let Mayor Elizabeth Patterson and the Benicia City Council know you want an EV friendly community.
Step 2: will deliver said petitions to local officials in communities across California and work with them to implement tried and true EV friendly legislation and EV fleets.
Step 3: Air quality improves in your community and your local government ends up saving tax dollars on fueling and maintaining city vehicles.
Step 4: Other people and communities see these benefits and begin wanting those same changes in their hometowns.
Step 5: Rinse and repeat.

So what are you waiting for? Sign our petition today and let Mayor Heidi Harmon and the San Luis Obispo City Council know that you want an EV friendly community!


To: Mayor Heidi Harmon and the San Luis Obispo City Council

Electric vehicles are more affordable to refuel, easier to maintain, and better for the health of our communities and the climate. Done right, the EV transition will be a benefit for the local economy and a part of the solution to our environmental justice challenges.  We urge to you to work with and their partners to rapidly shift our municipal fleet over to electric vehicles, install more charging stations throughout Benicia, and support other legislation that helps accelerate an equitable transition away from gasoline and diesel vehicles to electric ones in our community. California can lead the nation in the shift to clean mobility, and local governments like ours can lead California.