This industry is key to solving the climate crisis

#FilthyFashion is destroying the climate

By outsourcing production to polluting factories in places like China, Vietnam, Turkey, and Bangladesh, the fashion industry is avoiding responsibility for its role in the climate crisis. It may be hard to believe, but the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of global climate pollution; to put this in context, if the fashion industry were a country, it'd be the 4th largest climate polluter. While the world pressures global leaders to invest in bold climate action, industries like fashion slide under the radar. Why let these polluting industries off the hook? 

Choosing profits over people is an almost sure mantra for most industries. You can almost imagine a wealthy CEO in their penthouse dreaming about money! But fashion companies don't have to be like their industry counterparts. This industry has the power to truly make a difference. Companies like Hanes, Nordstrom, and Under Armour want their brand, product, and operations reflect the values of their consumers. Those consumers are people like you, and people like you have the power to push these companies.

We saw it with Levis Strauss & Company when over 140,000 of you called on the denim giant to lead the fashion industry in climate action. Levi's listened to you, and committed to the most ambitious climate targets the industry as seen. Now is the time to call on other companies to follow.

Join the #FilthyFashion campaign to send a message the fashion industry can't ignore.

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