The Trump administration is attacking California's climate

Smoggy Los Angeles skyline

Asthma. Heart disease. Brain damage. Climate change. 

These are all consequences of car and truck pollution. Yet, because California has been able to implement clean car standards since the 1960s, the United States has managed to limit the damage by reducing the amount of toxic particles that are released into the air we breathe.

But now California’s ability to stop toxic pollution is under attack by the Trump administration and the EPA.

This scale of this attack is unprecedented and will cause lasting damage to the health of not just Californians, but Americans around the country. What’s more, it will also limit our potential to combat climate change. If the Trump administration is successful, not only will California’s capacity to limit harmful pollutants from tailpipes cease to exist— so will their ability to add more zero-emission vehicles to the road.

This cannot stand. Will you join us in demanding the Trump administration and the EPA reconsider this harmful proposal?

To the EPA and the Trump administration:

California has spent decades cleaning up its air, and we refuse to go back to the days of hazy skies and smog alerts. In the interest of our health and the health of our planet we urge you to rethink and reverse your latest proposal to strip California’s ability to regulate car emissions that damage our lungs, hearts, and brains, and cause climate change.