No more tar sands in California

Protect the bay from tar sands tanker

The science is in— tar sands crude oil is much dirtier than conventional crude. It has an outsized climate impact, is terrible for air quality, and when it spills it's much harder to clean up than conventional crude oil. And now Phillips 66 wants to expand its refinery to process more tar sands in the San Francisco Bay Area. This would significantly increase the amount of oil tankers coming into the Phillips 66 refinery in the Bay! In addition to its negative impacts on frontline communities in California, increasing tar sands production is bad for Indigenous communities at the source in Alberta, Canada and transporting it via oil tankers increases the risk of devastating oil spills in the waters of British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon as well. 

It’s important that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, Gov. Newsom, and other key decision makers do everything they can to stop Phillips 66 from completing an expansion project at its San Francisco refinery that would allow it to import crude oils like tar sands from Canada.

Thanks to public pressure from people like you, in 2017 we defeated Phillip 66’s plan to build an oil train terminal in San Luis Obispo that would have also imported tar sands. Phillips 66’s marine terminal and refinery expansion is their last ditch effort to bring more dangerous and dirty tar sands to their Bay Area refinery and we need your help. Will you join us in urging Gov. Newsom and other key decision makers to reject this harmful proposal?

To BAAQMD, Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, Gov. Newsom, and other key decision makers in California:

Tar sands crude oil harms our air, water, climate, and Indigenous and frontline communities. We respectfully urge you to reject Phillips 66’s refinery expansion that would increase the number of tankers delivering to their refinery and allow them to process tar sands.